When it comes to the list of health and fitness benefits of Spin you can achieve from one ride, the list goes on and on. From the improvements that show up in the mirror, like slimming down your waistline, to the invigorating experience the Spin community offers each time you hop into a saddle, there are few things the Spin experience fails to provide.

Regardless of your fitness level, Spin unifies groups of people through hard work and dedication. You don’t just sit in class unaffected by your neighbor, you and your neighbor begin to motivate one another. Riding together also gives you the opportunity to encourage others. You can inspire those who have not yet reached your level of fitness, while those stronger than you inspire you.

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Spin meets a long list of health, fitness, and lifestyle needs for a broad range of people. Not only is this form of exercise fun and adaptable, but it’s also a great way to burn calories, improve cardiovascular health, and build muscle.

How fit do I need to be to do Spin?

This workout is designed to challenge YOUR fitness. Exercise modifications allow everyone to push their individual limits.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

Wear your usual workout clothes and bring a water bottle, a towel and a big attitude. We’ll do the rest.


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