An important message regarding COVID-19:

An important message from Plainville Strength & Wellness (PSW) regarding our fight against COVID-19:

Fitness businesses all across the country are being impacted by Coronavirus. In order to maintain a strong community for our members it’s important to be proactive about communicating with you our plan and strategy to keep you safe as you’re welcomed back to our facility.

We are monitoring the latest guidance from Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH) and United States Center for Disease Control (CDC) for best practices to prioritize the health and safety of our members during COVID-19 (coronavirus). Updates are available to the public at these links:

Re-Opening Phase 1

• We will be monitoring our occupancy limits and placing markers on the floor in free weight areas for items like dumbbells or kettlebells. We ask that members maintain a 6ft distance from other members, unless you’re in the same household. Some machines will be marked as closed (items like treadmills) to ensure we maintain this 6ft distance.
• The locker rooms should be used for changing, if needed, and restrooms. Lockers will NOT be available. We ask that you bring a small bag with items you need to workout only and keep this bag with you at all times. Showers will NOT be available.
• Our water fountain will also be turned off. Please bring your own. We will also have bottles of water for $1 if needed. 
• Group Exercise Classes and Spin Classes will launch with limited schedules as allowed by local guidelines. Class start times will be spaced apart to allow sufficient time to sanitize space and equipment.
• Hours will remain the same as they were prior to our shutdown. We are going to staff more people during popular times but it is still your responsibility to thoroughly wipe down any equipment you are using both before and after you use it.

Connecticut Regulations

• Gym occupancy is limited to 50% as dictated by fire code capacity. If our facilities reach those capacities, we will have to limit the number of members allowed in.
• Members should wear a face covering when entering and exiting the facility, as well as while using the restrooms/locker rooms. Connecticut does not require face masks to be worn during physical activity, but we ask that our members wear their face mask if they have fully recovered from their exercise. We will also have our garage door open where members can step outside between sets to recover as well.
• It is your obligation to make the responsible decision for yourself and our community to stay home if you are ill or are experiencing any symptoms.
• PSW members will not be allowed to spot each other. A 6ft distance will be maintained at all times. The only exception to this is if they are members of the same household. Groups of friends that workout together still need to maintain a 6ft distance at all times and cannot spot your friends at any time, for any reason.

Making It Safe!

• Everything we use to clean is a commercial grade disinfectant that will kill just about anything. We will be disinfecting all areas of the gym regularly, wiping down all equipment multiple times every day.
• Additional disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer pumps are placed throughout the gym. We will have touch-free stands throughout our main fitness room and gallon jugs at our front desk and group fitness rooms.
• Air quality and airflow are places we can excel. On our main workout floor we will have our garage door open and in our bootcamp room the double doors will be open while training. In there, we also have our 6 ceiling fans running at all times. The only exception to these doors being open will be inclement weather. Everyone MUST still use our front door to check-in.
• Desk and cleaning staff are required to wear masks at all times. Group fitness instructors are asked to wear them as often as possible but not required while teaching, as long as a 6ft distance is maintained.
• Touchless check-in and cashless point of sale.
• We have hired a professional cleaner to deep clean our entire facility, workout areas and group fitness rooms, every night. 

Everyone Must Sign A Waiver To Return

We are going to have every returning member sign a waiver of liability. The person that is the signer of the membership will sign this form for them and everyone else on their membership. Nobody on that membership is allowed to enter our facility until we receive this. We have put an alert on every membership indicating that this form needs to be filled out. Download a copy for you to bring in for your first visit. We will also have copies at the front desk for you to sign.