Large Group / Bootcamp

Large Group/Bootcamp


There are many weight loss programs, boot camps, and fitness facilities, but what sets us apart is that we do personal training in a group setting. You’ll first begin by attending an orientation. It is here that we cover our large group personal training in detail.

Each workout will be a total body workout. The Transformation Coach will take you through a dynamic warm-up, followed by our on-ramp. At that point, we will have different stations, with different exercises, as our main workout. We will then finish with a metabolic component and stretching after the workout.


We treat our Large Group Training Program like we would a personal training program. We outline certain goals and write in progressions for all of our clients to work towards each phase. This allows us to see growth and change with each new phase. At the end of a training phase, we will begin a new program, with new goals and new exercises, which allows us to continuously see results.


You’ll travel from station to station, moving around the room, throughout the session – progressing as you complete each exercise. You will be pushing yourself with the help of our Transformation Coaches who move around the whole room progressing and regressing the movements as needed. We fit the exercise to your abilities to make sure that all fitness levels get a great workout.


Each week of training features 3 strength days and 3 metabolic (cardio) days, alternating between the two each day. Every workout is a total body workout so you do not need to attend every day, but we’ve designed our program so that you could safely train up to 6 times per week. Send us your information below to get started now!

“I love it! I think the whole concept is great! I think you do a great job at personally training the group.”



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